We have traditionally worked on a Education, Brand and Identities. we study a client's business problem address it in design, UX, and content strategy. We help bussiness to reach the client needs and make it profitable

We Focus

What We Do

Design, manage, and develop custom web applications that suit you.

Strategy that brings products to live.

Mobile & Cloud Strategy are one of the most important assets we bring to the table when we initiate the conversation with our customers.


Morphe ideas into products

Product development is our close to our heart.

JavaScript(Angular, NodeJs)
Mobile (Xamarin - Forms, iOS, Android)

Improves user Experience

One of the top division of our organization.



  • ExpenseSOS

    ExpenseSoS is a SaaS that allows users to manage either their business or personal expensesos securely and backed up in the cloud.  

  • Coder to Entrepreneur

    It provides a place for developers who want to become business owners. It shared the ideas about how to start and keep the same direction

  • Azure Squad

    A site that provides assistance to developers to learn Azure Development from a practical standpoint. It also assists clients with their cloud implementation,+

  • Xamarin Squad

    Xamarin Squad is a web portal  to share knowledge and find useful information about Xamarin. Also, provides assistance to clients in case they require help with their projects

  • ASP.NET Squad

    ASP.NET Squad is a web portal that provides useful information to developers about ASP.NET as a the technology. It also provides the service of software development to clients who require help with their projects

  • Angular Squad

    It provides useful information regarding AngujarJS. It also assists clients who require help with the technology.

Processing Steps

How we make it happens

  • Gathering Information

  • Planning & Design

  • Development

  • Testing and Delivery


What Client Says.
  • "Nelson is a skilled developer and software architect. The team have helped propel us towards our goals not only by writing code but through the insights on architecture and related matters that they've offered and the leadership on projects that they provided. They are a true professional and pleasure to deal with."

    Alex Hargrove

    NetLaw Group Inc
  • > Our work with Nelson and his team at Kleio Inc. aimed to bring in front-end expertise to augment our services team. We were thrilled when Nelson and his team delivered the first iteration of signing agent website in 3 weeks with a design that was far superior to what we had. What we appreciate most about working with Nelson and his team is that they have truly become a technology partner to us. Nelson is very easy to work with, communicates really well and is capable of understanding the services layer without much help from the team. He also shares our vision to build a superior product that is easy to maintain.

    Sharmila Seshadri

    National Notary Association


We are Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Web Technologys and Xamarin Consulting Partner

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